Stay tuned for upcoming concerts in January & February 2014…

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It’s true, the album and custom artwork by Jorel Dray is off to the presses, to be released in January or February 2014. Like us on Facebook HERE to stay in the loop with exciting news.

Performance: encompass by RAW ~ Thursday, October 17th ~ 8pm – 12am ~ High Noon Saloon, Madison WI

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RAW artists is an artist collective designed to promote and showcase ground level artists in a variety of genres from music (that’s me!) to makeup, hair & fashion to performing arts, film, and photography, showcasing artists across the glove in over 60 events worldwide. Join us for the Madison event encompass, starting at 8pm when I take the stage to set the mood for this wonderfully collaborative, visual, stunning, electric event! Tickets are $10, for more info and to get your ticket, click HERE.

BIG news!!

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Did you know that the man, the myth, the legend, our own Matthew Hollingsworth composed music that’s airing on PBS as we speak?!

Yes, it’s true!!
The Morning Still: a one man band. For those of you who don’t yet know, The Morning Still is the moniker used when Matthew releases contemporary classical piano albums (that yes, are all-original and composed, recorded, and produced right here in Janesville, Wisconsin!).

Big news, BIG NEWS!!
Matthew has launched an online composing business and I’m happy to report that Matt is doing well as a freelance independent composer!! He’s been working hard in the studio and composing for commercials (like Revlon) and films!! And right now, as we speak, PBS is airing a piece entitled Dave’s Story. So when there’s a break in programming and PBS plays a story about an Iraq veteran named Dave who talks about how important PBS is to him, that’s Matt’s music throughout, airing nationally at present. How exciting is THAT?!

Check out his website HERE.

Another development: Matt has brought me on the team – Hannah, his wife and detail-keeping sidekick! I’m excited to keep you up to date on all the (very) exciting things he’s working on helping out with all this stuff.

Thanks for supporting Matt and his music, you will just freak out in the coming weeks when I tell you more stuff we’re up to. Til then, cheers!!

Performance: Shop Local Expo ~ Sunday, November 3rd, 2013 ~ Pontiac Convention Center in Janesville

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Supporting local, small business is really important, come on out to the inaugural Shop Local Expo to find out why! I’ll be there along with a myriad of other local businesses including food, shopping, and a few more musicians!

Performance: UW Rock County Concert ~ Wednesday, October 23rd, 2013 ~ 12pm @ Kirk Denmark Theatre, UW Rock County Campus in Janesville

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Come see me! This newest concert will combine classic piano with some of the modern, orchestral, electronic sounds found in the studio. I get to show you some of the studio work I’ve been doing AND I get to showcase local area visual artists! There will be no shortage of things to hear and see at this FREE show.

Performance: Circle of Women YWCA Fundraiser ~ Thursday, November 1, 2012 ~ 5:30pm ~ Holiday Inn Express in Janesville

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A fun, inspiring night out among friends, the YWCA Circle of Women celebrates the giving nature of women. Hear the story of two local women who started an exciting movement within their profession. Witness The YWCA’s Giving Spirit Award presented to Joni Cullen and Lisa Saxer-Buros. Listen to powerful accounts of women in need, women empowered, and women renewed! Networking, education, and of course soulful piano music by The Morning Still will be shared. The evening will end with an opportunity for guests to make a gift to the YWCA.

For more information on how to attend, call the YWCA
at (608) 752-5445 or email THANK YOU!

Performance: Splash of Art, Saturday, September 15th, 2012 ~ The Janesville Lower Courthouse Amphitheater and the Janesville Senior Center

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Join us Saturday for a day filled with local arts, crafts, food, fun, and of course – music! Matthew takes the stage circa 5pm, then stick around to see Janesville’s own trio Emerald City in the amphitheater at 7pm. FREE Admission

Performance: A Morning of Meeting Members, Munching, & Music. Saturday, September 24th, 10:30am ~ The Janesville Woman’s Club

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Phew! What a mouthful! Join the members of the Janesville MacDowell’s Club to meet the greet the members, learn about what they do, have some snacks, and listen to some great area musicians!

108 S. Jackson Street, Janesville, Wisconsin. See you there!

Performance: Saturday, October 22nd @ 1:00pm @ Mocha Moment Coffeehouse

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Transition to autumn with the sounds of contemplative piano, created and performed by Matthew Hollingsworth. The performance features the new music of the next album entitled Begin The Light, available for the Christmas season. This performance is FREE.

Performance: Widows’ World Impact Fundraiser ~ Sat, Oct 1 ~ 6:30pm ~ Charming B’s Coffeehouse ~ Milton

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Join Matthew Hollingsworth and other Janesville musicians for an informative evening benefiting Widow’s World Impact.